Animoto is a website where you can create videos (that are very similar to PowerPoints). All you have to do is add photos and a song, then it plays the pictures in in the order you put them in and goes with the beat of the chosen song. When using Animoto the user has to be thoughtful of how they put their presentation in order due to the fact Animoto is a sequential program, so a point the presenter is trying to get across may become unclear if order is not kept in the process.

Teachers: Teachers can use Animoto to get students to present a project in an easier and more fun way. This application is better for lower level grade teachers because it is so easy to do and simpler than PowerPoint. It can also be good if teachers need to pull something together quickly. Its a great way to get a point across in short period of time so teachers don't loose there students interest.

Students: Students can use Animoto if they don’t have access to PowerPoint and need to get a project or presentation done. They can also use it in a fun way to put together pictures of a school trip they have taken and might want to show the some other teachers. They can also use this in projects for a something short and simple.

Pros: It is very quick depending on how fast your computer can upload pictures on the website. As soon as you upload pictures you are basically done and it does the rest for you. You can also take pictures from the site if you want. When you are done it is really easy to post the video onto various video hosting sites. Animoto has a link to a educational use for their program, which is free for teachers. Normally one would have to pay to use Animoto, but if teachers were to incorporate this application into their classrooms they may sign up and apply for the free educational version of Animoto, which still comes with the same features as a membership account with unlimited videos, all for free!

Cons: The song choices aren’t that great and it is rather difficult to upload your own music. You are limited to a about a minute unless you pay for an upgraded account. Animoto plays the pictures how you want but you can't control how long they stay on screen. You can’t really add many effects in, so overall it’s a cheap copy of PowerPoint except you have to pay to use it if you want any control.

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