overview of a blip station

Blip is an Internet based radio station, where one can compose a playlist of all their favorite music just by simply searching it on the site. When you choose a song on Blip you have the option to add a message in the form of a tweet, which is then posted on your Twitter account.

Students: Blip is a great tool for students because it allows them to freely listen to music without having to use an iPod/mp3 player. Like at Woodsville High School, we have been given the privilege to use such devices but a student that does not own one now may access their favorite music by going to Using blip is essential as music helps stimulate the brain, when a student is working on work for a class blip could be a useful tool to help then maintain their focus on their work.

Teachers: Just as for a student this gives teachers access to all the music they want to listen to on their free time. With technological advancements such as the iPod, blip is a simple program anyone can figure out. All someone has to do is type the song they want to listen to in the search bar, and once they have found that song just hit blip to add it to your playlist and listen to it. Blip can be useful for teachers as well as it gives them access to music that could be incorporated into their classroom and lesson. Such as in the language department, they might be able to search music that pertains to the subject and language they are teaching.

PROS: The biggest pro when it comes to Blip is obviously the benefit of being able to access millions of free songs to listen to. Most of all the idea that you can take all these songs you search on blip and make them into one huge monster playlist of your favorite songs. Once you blip a song this information is thrown out there into the Internet world allowing thousands of other users to view your playlist and choose if they want to favorite you by becoming a listener of your station.

CONS: At first I came into Blip without any problems thinking it was the most flawless Internet radio, but of course there are problems with everything. I did some research on Blip to find problems other people were having that I have not faced yet and I came across an article saying there was big trouble down the road for Blip. Blip used to use a music catalogue called Seeqpod, which allowed them millions of songs to stream, but changes have been made. Now Blip is using Imeem, which will cause for 80% of Blip users to operate on a trimmed down version of the radio station, giving limited access to stream songs that were once available.

The user population at Blip has grown significantly since its release about a year ago, in April 2008. As of April 2009 Blip had a reported 500,000 users and listeners, and that number is expected to only grow.

I myself am an avid user of Blip and have grown to love everything about it. I have experienced so much in the few months I have only made the account, and for only being 18-years old and from Woodsville, NH I am impressed with what I have accomplished. I started off with one listener from our class and since then I now have a growing population of 254 listeners on my Blip. This means a lot, of the fact people actually added me to their favorites because I blipped music they like to listen to as well, I guess I just have great taste in music! It is my goal to reach over 1,000 listeners by the end of the year, and become one of the top DJs on But I have a lot of listeners to gain before I become one of the top DJs as some people have over 20,000 listeners!

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