What is Comic Life ?
Comic Life is a desktop publishing computer program made by Plasq. The program is very cool and you can do a lot of stuff on it. You can make a comic book, comic strip, scrap book of pictures, and lots of other stuff too. If you have any computer background at all you can use this program and make a good looking comic in very little time. There are lots of built in comic layouts, all you have to do is insert your pictures and write out the story line.

Who uses Comic Life ?
A lot of people use Comic Life for various reasons. Teachers can use it in their classes so students can easily make a comic book. People can use it just to make comics for fun. If you wanted to make a scrapbook of some pictures with captions you can use Comic Life. I think Comic Life is a great program and if you ever need to make a comic book or anything along those lines that this program is a good choice.

Student Use
Through use of Comic Life, students can have yet another medium through which to express themselves. I actually have personal experience with Comic Life, as I created a comic using Comic Life for my Computer Applications final last semester. The most positive aspect of Comic Life is how incredibly simple it was to use Comic Life! The comic below required minimal effort to create, and it still came out looking great. Simple and effective. All that's required is a bit of dragging and dropping, and you have a great-looking comic; perhaps you might find images on the Internet that match your comic.
This is what's great about Comic Life; students can create beautiful projects that they can feel great about, and that aren't too hard to create!

This Is an example that I made to show you what it looks like.