Cover it live is live blogging. You can blog about anything, sports, school activities, anything you want. All you need is a computer and something to talk about. The whole thing is free and easy to use. Cover It Live will let your readers know what is happening at every time you post and it is an instant post. The blog starts after you write your first sentance in the blog.

How to use Cover it Live
To use Cover it Live you first have to get an account. Then you can look up any live blog you want and read in on them and comment on them. It will not automatically post though. The person that is running the post has to accept or decline the comment. When you make your own live blog you can't let it sit for long withought typing or it will end the blog. You can embed the blog to any site and have other people work on the blog with you.

Teacher usage
This will be a great tool for teachers. If a student is sick or is on vacation the teacher can keep in contact with them up to the minute. A teacher that isn't in the room can also keep up with what's going on in the class. Cover it live can be embedded which allows teachers and students from different classes see what the class in working on.

Student usage
Students could use Cover it live to do "live" sports broadcasts after embedding it on a school's website. They could also use them to cover school functions like winter carnival and important assemblies.