garageband.pngGuide to Garageband

Basic Information

Garageband is a application that you can get on macs that enable you to create your very own song. It is a music composing program that offers various tools to create your very own song. Garageband is a program that has everything you need to create music jammed into one program. Garageband is pretty much your very own recording studio put into a mac and it is a great program.


The pros with garageband is that it gives you a lot of options to really make your song your own. you can add any beat that you want to your song and even create your own beat as well. It even allows you to record your voice so you can add vocals to your song. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to creating a song in garageband. And what I really liked about garageband is that it has samples of beats that are made for your use. The beats they have are really cool and they have a large variety of them as well. You can make tons and tons of killer songs from the sample beats they give you. And to do the basic stuff in garageband is farely easy to learn. It is a easy software to learn and to get into. If its your first time using garageband it will probably take you about an hour at the most to figure how to do all of the basics.

But the only cons that I found with garageband is that it has so many options and stuff that you can do to your songs that its hard to figure it all out. I am sure that if you really took some time you would figure out how to do pretty much everything in garageband but the only thing is that it would take a long amount of time since there's so many tools to use in garageband. And another con is that it is only available on macs and not on computers, which is a major downside for a lot of people out there. But if you have a mac you should definatly get this program because it is probably the best music building software out there.

How to Use Garageband

As I stated before, garageband is easy to get started. All you had to do is click "new music project" if you want to create a song. Then after that it will lead you to the music building part of the program. From there you should click on the "eye" icon. That icon leads you to all the sample beats garageband has in its arsenal. Then you find the beat you like, click and drag it to the big gray note pad window and you repeat that step every time you want to add a beat. But I know that I am not good at explaining directions so I found some pretty good tutorials that should help you out if you need it. it isn't just music though. You can record your voice, change it a little, not much though, and you can play your own music on it if u download it.

Uses for Students and Teachers

Garageband can be a very useful tool for students. It can be especially useful for music students. The students could learn a lot from music by creating their own songs. With garageband students could learn the process in making a song and thats important information for a music student to know. For teachers garageband could be very useful. You see not only can garageband be used to create songs but it can be used to create podcasts as well. With podcasts teachers could incorporate their lessons into audio form so that students can access it at anytime and learn more. Podcasts can be a vital tool in education if used right and with garageband teachers could create podcasts about lectures, put their notes in podcast form and do pretty much whatever they like. Garageband could possibly help students learn more and help the teachers to get all the information to the students in a nice and easy way with podcasting.