What is Google Spreadsheets
Google Spreadsheets is a easier version of Microsoft Excel. You can do everything you can do in Excel but its a lot more straight forward. It follows all of the same concepts to such as formulas and what not. For those of you that dont know how to use Excel it is a program used for making spreadsheets, graphs, charts, plots, and mapping data and statistics. To start all you have to do is have a google account which is free and you have access to all of google awsome programs.

How can it be used in a classroom
This application can benefit the teacher by making it so they don't have to write out information or even make it for that matter, In google spreadsheets you put the title, numbers and then graph and it does it all on its own. This can be used in math classes to organize data.
This can help the student in the same way it can help the teacher. You never know when your going to have to make something along the lines of a graph so ti would be nice to know what to do wen you have too.
Pros and Cons
1.Easier to use then Excel
2. Same functions as Excel
3. Saves right on the website

Cons-1.Cannot be offline and access
2.Some minor Glitches
3. Not as "neat" as Excel

Here is a tutorial

For my example i took a survey in our class about our favorite kinds of music. The bottem row is averages and the chart corresponds with the data.