Google Presentations

Google Presentations can be called an interactive online PowerPoint program. The format of the program allows different users or website managers to alter and actively work on a presentation online without the hassle of using USB keys or other forms of transferring information. If a group of people want to make a presentation about something Google Presentations allows them the freedom of adding new people who can add to the slideshow with the added bonus of having it online and open to everyone at the same time. The slideshows can be altered by any member of the group at any time and can also be viewed by people who are not part of the editing team. Google Presentations sends out updates whenever the presentation is changed. This program is a powerful tool for people who are not able to be physically present in a group.

This program is a great tool for students as it gives them the freedom of time and space. Students do not have to be together when working in groups and they can work on their own time. The quality of the program is a step up and more user friendly than PowerPoint, which gives a more polished finish to the end product. Although an Internet connection is required to work on this program, students will find the ease and freedom of Google Presentation to be an attractive feature when researching ways to produce a presentation.

Teachers will also find that Google Presentations is a useful tool in and out of the classroom. The same benefits that the students have the teachers will also have, which includes the ability to work solo on a group project and see what other members are changing in the presentation. Google Presentations should be used as a step up from PowerPoint and some basic knowledge of computers and presentation skills are required to make this program a success. Teachers who are looking for an innovative and fresh approach to the standard slideshow will welcome this new program.

Overall, this program has many great features that PowerPoint also has, without the hassle of the glitz. The one thing that is missing is the ability the program has to export the presentation into PowerPoint format. The presenter can take a PowerPoint presentation and import it into Google Presentations, but not vice versa. Many people found that frustrating , but the program can be viewed online and does not necessarily need to be presented in PowerPoint format. One person commented, “another thing they do not have is a grid for placing things like images and text in the center of a slide. There seems to be no snapping at all.” This means that images will not be aligned properly if it is imported from PowerPoint. In conclusion, like every new program there are glitches, but as Google Presentations grows those problems will hopefully work themselves out. google-docs-with-presentations.png


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