Jing is a camera/video make on your computer. You download it from the site to your computer and when you click the application a "sun" appears in your upper right hand corner. With the sun you put your courser over it and you can capture a picture or video, look at your history, and a more button. From that button you can look at preferences, ask for help, and send feedback. This program can be used in the class room for demonstrations and picture taking for a project. This can be used in the class for projects, demonstrations, and how to items.

With the camera you highlight a section on your screen and it gives you the picture size so when you put it on a site you know how big it will be and if it will have to be a smaller size for that site. When you have the picture you can add arrows, boxes, text and color. With the color you make a box with any color they give you and that box can be moved around but can't be altered for different shapes.

The video starts out the same way accept you hit the video button. With the video you can only add sound to it from a microphone. There is no editing it by cutting out scenes or adding anything to it. You have to like it or start from the beginning. When you try to watch your video off screencast it takes forever to get what you want and even if you have the flashplayer it still takes a long time for you to watch the movie.

I don't like this program. With a video to get it onto the internet you have to hit the screencast.com button. I think that it is just a way to steal someones work by you taking a picture and adding text to it or taking a video and adding your own words to it. Yes you can take your own pictures from your computer and take a picture of it but there's no point in that. You can do stuff wile you are recording but thats it. So this is ok for if you want to show someone how to do something on your computer. I think that is the only good thing though. I wouldn't recommend using this unless you need to show someone how to do something.

  • This site lets you work freely on what you want to do like pictures on anything or a video.
  • A teacher can have a class recorded if it was a computer class.
  • A demonstration for how to guide for anything on the computer.
  • You can't move the video after you start it.
  • Pictures aren't of best quality.
  • This is a site o steal work almost like to take a movie of the internet.

Teachers- Teachers can use this in the class room for demonstrations for the class on how to do something without explaining it 10 different times. It is also good for kids that are sick because you can record your voice and tell someone what happened in class and what they need to do.

Students- Students can use this for how to do also. They can add text to it and use it anywhere. They can explain how they did there work and get pictures and try to get two or more pictures together.

Example 1.
I took a picture and added text and arrows.1st_item.png

Example 2 .
This is going to be a video on how to get jing on your computer. It might take a while for it to load and you might have to download the flash player to get it to work. IF you do want to download this program you also can hit the button on the page. It is at the top.

This site for Jing tell you a little more about it.