Mnemograph is a web based application that lets you manage your information as a timeline. and yes that is a good thing because the internet can help you with search engines and helps organize events and images in the order that they happened yo ucan use this to plan a semester or to plan your summer, and you can use it for school projects such as history. Or you are trying to plan a job then this is one way that you can use Mnemograph because the timeline can keep you on track of what you have to do to get this job done and yes it is helpful because you can plan out what you want to do for example for the summer or for what you are going to to do for the semester.Mnemograph is a site that can be shared easily with other people that you work with or your friends and family, there really isn't anything that is bad about this site but that they don't have everything completely worked out so that is somewhat a bad thing but it still works so that really isn't a bad thing, but there is a lot of people that use this site for work like construction, and people that work in big corporations, and people that work trying to put a wedding together or people that write books or people that are planning plays or write plays.You can use information off from other websites to make your timeline so that you don't have to manually have to put in all the information that you have why waste your time doing that when you can go to other websites and use other things for your timeline and that means that is less typing for you.Mnemograph is a good thing to use if you are trying to plan out a construction job or a big corporation job for a new product that is being launched. It is a timeline that is good to make sure that things are getting done on time and not to late say that you are building a building in New York that has to be done then this is what mnemograph comes in good just for that and you can use the timeline for history for example use a timeline for your whole life like what you did for your 5th birthday and so on and so forth and that is why i say that it would be good for the teachers to use it for their history classes because then they would remember what they need to remember and yes it would help the students out if they used the timeline. On there projects which not a lot of people know about this except some of the teachers and yes they use this but it isn't really hard to use just it takes a little bit to get used to when you first use it then it is easy and then you can make a timeline.