Mogulus , also called Livestream, is a broadcasting program that allows the user to produce live streaming video and other footage for an interactive audience. There are two different levels of usage, free or pro. The free program has all the basic necessities one needs to produce a live video with relatively little work. The pro version has many more options and added bonuses and is geared toward people who want to make a profit off of their work. The price of the Pro 1, the firs level, is a bit outrageous at a steep $350 a month, and the Pro 10 is $1250 a month, but if someone was looking to focus exclusively on broadcasting the cost might level out in the long run. The Pro programs feature more GB than the free version and the ability to sell ads to other businesses to run during the program. The basic free program includes unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB of storage, and unlimited viewers and channels. Overall, this program boosts ease of use and clear viewing capabilities, which makes it ideal for classroom use.

Mogulus is an ideal tool for older students who are interested in broadcasting or for a computer class that is focused on connecting to a larger, web based audience. The program requires a login, a web cam, and an initial set up, but after that the going is fairly easy for broadcasting. Students will benefit from both broadcasting material and watching others’ broadcasts. Although there is no standard filter for content, users are allowed to search the database based on their interests. Many news sites also have broadcasting on Mogulus. The program also has the ability to replay the live filming session when the user is not actively filming. I wouldn’t recommend this program for younger students because it is semi-complicated and requires a basic to medium knowledge of broadcasting and programming.

Teachers will find that Mogulus is useful for their classrooms for many reasons. One, it lets students explore different means of communication. Two, it gives the students and audience that they would not have had any other way. Members of site are allowed to comment on different broadcasts, so students will inevitably receive feedback about their videos from one source or another. Teachers know that communication in the world today is becoming more based on the Internet, and this program gives students the freedom to explore a different way of communication that is becoming more prevalent. The fact that it is also streaming live means the students need to be prepared and ready for the camera. Mogulus is a good teaching tool for both teachers and administrators.

In conclusion, Mogulus is a good educational tool for both students and teachers. Although the initialize process may vary on different types of computers, as long as the computer is up to date the program should work. Broadcasting abilities might be affected by Internet connection and the strength of that connection. The program itself is easy to use and doesn’t require much work. There is one problem with Mogulus and that is explained in the following quote, “Please be aware that if you are using the Mogulus service at this time, Mogulus currently claims a perpetual sub-license to sell you content royalty free.” This means that whatever you produce, Mogulus can sell it without your consent. Embedding the links is also a tricky thing. Overall this is a useful program for the classroom setting and has minimal problems associated with it.
This link will take you to a live streaming video in Greece.
This link will take you to live streaming footage of traffic on a highway.
This link will take you to some video about video games.

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