NoteFlight is a place where you can make music share music, listen to, print,search for music online if you are a composer then you can manage and author your composition.If you are a performer then you can use NoteFlight to create and share sheet music, and if you are a teacher or a student you can use NoteFlight to collaborate and communicate in learning music.NoteFlight is a Online Music Notation Editor and that is what most music teachers are looking for and you would feel like a composer but you are not.You can publish music and you can share it with other people if you would like, and you can make a profile on NoteFlight but it isn't always easy to do unless you know a lot about music and well i don't know a lot about music and if you don't know what you are doing then you can get help from NoteFlight and yes it gives okay directions but when you get the hang of it then you will know what to do, and if you need help on something that has to do with it there is a whole list of things on the left side of the screen. They have release notes and I don't even know what they are used for so that is something that I will have to look into but NoteFlight is kind of hard if you haven't been on that site before and which i haven't and so i don't even know where to start because it really doesn't help me but it is a little confusing, yes it has it's ups and downs but it isn't to hard but here is the link this is where I got most of my information and yes teachers can use this because it would be easier for the students to use when doing a project in band class. But it doesn't always have to be for the band students you just have to know your symbols that is all, yes it is a little hard for the people that don't know symbols and that is something I don't know symbols and that is why I think it is hard because i don't know all the symbols for someone who does NoteFlight would be easy for them and they could compose music and then they can perform what they had made on NoteFlight, yes NoteFlight is good for the teachers to use if they are making sheets of music for their band students it would be easier to use for the teacher and for the students that know how to read music but it can b checked for errors that is called Music Notation Editor that helps you fix the piece of music that you just composed and that can make sure that your music is good and you might be able to let people use it but make sure that you put a license on it before someone that likes your music and steals it and you can't do anything about that is what is good about NoteFlight because they ask if you want a license for the sheet of music that you just made then you can share it with anybody that you want that means that you can send them to family members that are on myspace, facebook or all of your contacts.