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Pandora is an Internet radio that allows you to listen to all of your favorite artists. On the first opening page it asks you to pick an artist or song. After you type in an artist or song it will create an entire playlist based on your song or artist selection. The songs are really totally randomized, but fit the style of the first song or artist you selected.

Teachers: Pandora can be beneficial to teachers in the classrooms when their students are working on a project. The teacher can enter in an artist or a song that the entire class agrees on then all the rest of the songs are randomized so no one can complain. Since music helps students work better, Pandora can be a beneficial way for teacher to play music without worrying about inappropriate things said on the song choices. Teachers can also send students to a site like Pandora when they are searching for a song for a project.

Students: Pandora can be beneficial to students because again music helps students work better and with music playing in the background they will be able to better focus on their work. With some downtime to work on homework or projects, a student can use Pandora with minimal distractions. With the "like" and "dislike" feature it will create less going back and forth, distracting a student from their work, because Pandora is a smart radio that generates a playlist of music depending on the type of music you "like." They can also learn new songs because the entire playlist is randomized. As well, if a student needs to find a song for a project, but doesn't know what song could work for that project, Pandora could be a good place to start based on the idea of choosing music based on sound & likes and dislikes.

Pros: The music is randomized so new songs can be learned and no one can really argue on the song playing. If you really don’t like a song playing, you can "dislike" it and skip it so they won’t play any more songs like the one that just played. They also have a "like" button that makes the playlist songs more like the previous song. Another cool feature they provide is an information button that allows you to view information about the song you are listening to at the time.

Cons: You don’t really get a choice in music selection and it can get kind of annoying after it plays 2-3 horrible songs in a row. Sometimes the "dislike" button will not work properly and not allow you to skip a song you don’t like. Seems like a lower, less amazing version of As well, depending on the songs that get listed under the "like" category, you could come across a song that may be deemed inappropriate.

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