Photoshop is a great program. It takes a while to get use to, but once you get Photoshop, you can make fake pictures look real, or distort pictures to make them look cool. It is a fun program, and you can mess with people's minds while using it. This is what photographers do to pictures in magazines such as Time and People Magazine. They also use this in movie-making, to give such effects as a dinosaur chasing a man. With Photoshop you can crop pictures, cut them out and past them into other pictures, add color, and even erase items. There is a lot you can do using Photoshop, but it takes time to learn all the functions that you can use. However, it is good for people to just learn that you don't need to go all out and you can just make simple changes and make it look like something happened that really didn't. In the class you can use this for projects and mind puzzles.
  • Make pictures colorful.
  • Show more detail.
  • Make pictures look real that are unreal.
  • Having control over every aspect of the picture.
  • Some items on the tool bar don't always work.
  • At times, you can't get the right color you need for a picture.
  • Pictures won't be the right size when you cut it for a different picture.

Teachers- Teachers could use this program for classes such as Photography, to make a picture look a little better and show the class a quality picture. Teachers could also edit a picture and have the students try to figure out whether it is a real picture or a fake picture. A teacher can use Photoshop to do almost anything for their students.

Students- Students, on the other hand, could use Photoshop for almost any class. If they need pictures for a project and they can't find what they want, then they might be able to make it for the class themselves, to show originality. The photography class can use this as well, to crop a picture and add color to it to make it stand out. They could take a picture of a house--or even the White House--and have them there, shaking the President's hand or someone similarly famous.

When I used this program, it took me a while to get used to it. I made some good pictures with it, and some weird ones too. I like this program very much, and would use this for a class. We all went out and took pictures around the school; you can get a lot just from the school's environment, so if you could take pictures elsewhere then you might have a masterpiece.

Example 1.
This picture I took of Derek's head, and distorted the picture of Alex and Kyle. I put Derek's head as an all-knowing deity, like Inb the Wizard of Oz.

Example 2.
This picture I tried to make look real. I took a regular license plate and made it appear like stone. Then I cut out an eagle from my hat, and pasted it onto the plate.

Example 3.
This picture was my "good" picture; it was the only one I cropped.

Photoshop has a lot of options, and this site gives you more to do.