Podcasting is a video or audio clip that someone makes to benefit someone else in an educational (or other) way. Podcasts are very easy to make & only require a computer and either a webcam or a microphone (or both). Audio clips are sort of like talk shows on the radio, and podcasting is an easy and fun way to present information. Video versions of podcast are also very easy to make and are a lot better for visual learners. Podcast go on iPods or any other type of mp4 player.

Teachers: Podcasts are beneficial to teachers because teachers can record their lessons and send it to all the students so they won’t have to repeat all the information for missing students. They can also ask students to record podcast for projects so they can review the project or homework more then once so it won’t be so difficult to remember how the student presented information and or if they presented all the information asked for. Teachers can use this application for multiple purposes from creating a faux interview with people from history using public domain speeches to having students record their own daily news show.

Students: Podcasts are beneficial for students because they can take recorded lessons from teachers and review it over and over again to help them understand the information again. It also can help them study at any time if they put the podcast on their iPod or mp4 player. Students can also look up other podcasts online if they are doing a project to get sort of an idea of how to do and present their project. Podcasts can be a beneficial way for an auditory learner to learn new information, and with iTunes opening up iTunesU and more than 75 colleges & universities actively using this service, students now have access to valuable audio lessons on a variety of topics from a variety of nationwide higher educational institutions.

Pros: You can review the information over and over again at any time so it can come in handy when you have a long car ride or a study hall. It’s very easy to make so it’s not really a pain and most schools have all the equipment necessary to make podcast.

Cons: There is always flaws in technology that can possibly effect Podcasting like your work not saving correctly or the program exiting in the middle. As well, when you are new to the process, recording can be a tedious process in order to get the recording you want.

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