What are Rubrics?
A rubric is a scoring tool used by teachers. Teachers use rubrics for projects and other assignments. Rubrics are usually square or rectangle with lots of smaller squares in them. On one side of the rubric it will have different parts of the assignments, then on the other it will have requirements for what kind of grade you will get depending on how good you do it.

Who uses Rubrics?
Teachers use rubrics for assigning projects and to tell you how you will be graded on anything. They are used in the classroom because if the teacher hands them out then the students can't say that they didn't know about that part of the assignment, or that they were graded unfairly because they didn't know how the teacher wanted it. People can use rubrics at work for showing how things should be done so that they are done correctly.

Experience with Rubrics?
I have had a lot of classes where we were had to follow a rubric for an assignment. Overall I think that rubrics are very effective because you know what you need to do and how you will be graded. In this class Mrs. Wilson gave us a rubric for a weeks worth of work and for the the first couple of weeks it wasn't bad but after 3 or 4 weeks it got really boring. I would rather have my teacher give me a rubric so I know what I have to get done then just tell us what to do.

This is an example of a rubric made in this class for a weeks worth of assignments.