Schooltube is a site similar to YouTube , except it was designed for purely educational purposes. Schools from around the world (grades K through 12) can post videos of projects they have done and view projects other schools have posted.

Teachers: Teachers can use SchoolTube to view other projects to get ideas about what they could have their students do for future projects. They can also find out what is helpful and what is not helpful within a certain curriculum based on informational videos posted by other teachers. They can also post student projects in order to get feedback from an educational audience. SchoolTube is a safe source for posting/searching videos since it was created based around the idea of having a secure environment for students/teachers to post videos without having to worry about all the potential negative influences that are on other video sites.

Students: For students, Schooltube can be a fun and accurate way of receiving information from a safe source. Students can also learn ideas of how they can present information by viewing some project other kids have posted. If students need an informational video for a project, SchoolTube would be a great place to start since the videos posted there of considered of educational quality.

Pros: There is less chance anyone will stumble upon an inappropriate videos, which can be every adult's fear, but SchoolTube reviews all videos posted. You can get feedback on videos so you can get other peoples' opinions on if you are doing a good job presenting information. Lastly, you can learn new ways to present information to teachers and students by viewing other peoples videos.

Cons: It can be hard to find exactly what you are searching for; some videos may not be properly tagged. Some videos are a little misleading, but the pictures really say it all. You really don’t know that much about who is posting the videos, either, but this is true on most sites, if the posting person has not filled out an accurate profile. Lastly, what you can say in comments is limited to a few words; this can be good because no one can really say inappropriate things.

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