Bubbl.us is like Inspiration; it is a mapping program. I don't think this one is as good as Inspiration, or even Kidspiration. Those sites you can have different designs like clouds and flowers, but you can change the color of each bubble. This program is used for people to get their ideas out before they start to write something. You can embed it into a website, build it quickly, and collaborate on the same map. This way you can have more than 1 person's ideas in it, and it just might make it a better piece of work if you have 2 or more heads working on it.

It is an easy program to run. To make a new bubble all you have to do is hit Enter, and there will be a new bubble branching off the one you were just on. It automatically switches colors when you make a new bubble for each attachment, but if you go back to a recent bubble and hit Enter again for a new bubble it will be the same color as the first one you did off that bubble. So if the first bubble to come off was black the rest to come off of that bubble would be the same color until you change it. With this site you can save it, share it with others , email it to yourself, and embed it to another site.

  • You can have more than one person on the site working on it.
  • Doesn't take a long time to get done with.
  • Teachers can look at progress and give you some advice to make sure it is the best the person can do.
  • Move it freely from site to site and email it to people just to look at it or to help work on it.
  • Can work on this anywhere where there is a computer and internet.

  • When two people work on it at the same time nothing can be seen until someone saves it.
  • The program runs slow sometimes and will not let you type.
  • Can't put pictures on it to type on.

Students can use this for a lot of classes like Creative Writing, English classes, or any class were you have to write a pepper. It can also help in a foreign languages when you have a verb to break down you can take different parts of the word and make it easy to see what each word breaks down to. This is just making it easier for teachers to read peoples work and read it easier. It also cuts down on paper use. They can also aways work with a group even if they live 3 towns apart.

Teachers on the other hand can also use this in class. Its a great way to demonstrate to the class how it should look. Teachers can also make a big idea blob and every week have students put ideas on to it for items that would be a good concept to it. You can also have guideline for for work that needs to be done in the class.

1st example.
This one I didn't change the colors of the bubbles. I just filled in the bubbles and hit enter off of them.

2nd example.
I changed the Colors in this one with the saturation too. This is an example for a language class.

When i used this program i thought it was boring because it is so bland. There is no animation that could help out to show what you mean. This is a strait forward program. It is a fast way though to get your work done in a neat fashion. I did have trouble with it and i don't know why it did it. It wouldn't let me type and the only way it did was when i typed somewhere else on the internet for it to start working again. It doesn't happen a lot but it doesn't give you any warning about it. It happened to me while in the mist of typing. It got really annoying after the first three or four times of it happening to me. It wasn't that hard and didn't frustrate me when i was using it.

This site about Bubbl.us is another way to use it and gives you a video guide on how to use it.
This site about Bubbl.us gives you how you can use it for class and other items.