GoAnimate.com: Akons life by decosta515

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http://goanimate.com/savedMovie/0ADH0IvN6fP0/ Example

What is Goanimate.com?
Goanimate.com is a website to make cool slide shows, e cards and story boards. Its easy and Fun to use especially with teenagers. However there are a few glitches in the application, sometimes it freezes and you loose all of your work(happens to me a lot). You take preselected characters and objects from a selection screen and put it all into a animation by selecting movements and actions. To make a action or movement click on the character and select what you want. To get a character on the set drag him/her from the menu on the left.

How can teachers use it?
Teachers can use it to make a presentation a little more bearable. You can make a demonstration of something more creative. theres a lot of potential.

How can students benefit?
Has Microsoft Powerpoint ever made you want to scream? well this is a funny way to present your data in the slide show section of this application. Randomly put Akon in the middle of everything or even Osama bin Ladin.

my personal opinion
I personally like this more than any other of the apps i've responded too. This is a pain free way of getting your point across.
Heres a tutorial http://goanimate.com/howdoesitwork