Your Final Exam

The purpose of this wiki is to leave behind useful information for teachers based on your experiences this semester.

You each drew 4 items we have explored this semester. Some are new applications based on similar ideas that have been covered this term. Your goal is to create a new page on this wiki for each application covered.

Each page should discuss the following:

  • Summary of the application with an embedded link to the home page of the application
    • address the question "Why this application in the classroom?"
    • We've covered these applications b/c they indeed CAN work in the classroom. You need to cover this in your summary
  • Original Examples of how the application can be used. These should be be properly embedded.
  • A discussion of how the application can benefit the teacher
    • How can the teacher use this to help students learn?
    • How can this application benefit the teacher as a teacher?
  • A discussion of how the application can benefit the student
    • Can can the student use this application to become a better student?
    • How can this application be used to create better outcomes for student work?
  • Your reflection on your use of the application. You need to look at the pros AND cons of the use of this application in a classroom setting.
    • Talk about your experience using the application.
    • What worked?
    • What didn't? What was frustrating?
    • Talk about the learning curve: ease of use or difficulty of use
  • You should also look to offer some additional reading on classroom use of the application. Make sure to embed the links.