What Is iMovie?
iMovie is video editing software that allows Mac users to edit their own movies, or make movies. It has a lot of built in settings and formats, and other effects that will help you make a better movie. It was released in 1999 and there has been 8 editions since then each one has improved from the last one a little bit. Right now iMovie comes with all new Macs but also is available for separate purchase with iLife '09.

Who uses iMovie?
A lot of people use iMove for different reasons like putting a home movie together, making a presentation for work, making a presentation for school, and many other things. Teachers can you iMovie to put together presentations for students, to make slide shows for class, and other stuff. Students can use it to make a presentation more interesting to their classmates, make a good project, make a more formal presentation. I think that this program is in the classroom because you only need a basic knowledge of computers and it generally works well.

Experience with iMovie
I have never really used iMovie that much but the experience I do have with it is pretty good. I think that if I was going to use a program to make a presentation, slide show, movie, or anything like that for a class I would use iMovie because all the times I have used it it worked pretty good for me. I have seen some pretty cool things made on iMovie with a lot of different cool effects.

This is an example of a video made on iMovie